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Red Onions
Red Onions and Tulips This was a fun painting for me to do. My husband had brought me tulips and my friend gave me a harvest of red onions. I put the tulips in a glass vase and the onions in a copper bowl! and "Wa La". Lots of fun, one of those paintings where you don't even have to think.
 Deer in Woods scene I painted this on a very early in the morning, 2 weeks before the Christmas of 2007. I was looking out my sunroom window towards the pines in my back yard. In our neighborhood, we have a family of deer and as it seemed so appropriate..I added them last. The original is 9 x 10 inches. It was so peaceful, thus its name. I use this for fillers for Christmas note cards and small framings.
The Little Things
A Little bush We had an ice storm during the Fall of 2008. My neighbor has a little bush at the end of her driveway. It was a very frosty and foggy morning. The sun was hitting the top of the bush and it was glittering. I used watercolor pencils on 140 hard pressed paper to render the painting. It made a great Christmas card. The greeting was "Its the small things that count".
Rainbow Bridge
Covered Bridge - Mingo Winter In September, near Mingo Junction PA, a covered bridge festival is held. I snapped this bridge with my digital camera. It was a beautiful sunny day. I transformed the season when I rendered the watercolor. Instead of the sun reflecting off grass...it is reflected off snow. The original is 9 x 11 inches. It is also available in Giclees.