Lynn's Watercolors on Wood

I do not render portraits by copying entire photographs. I do use them as reference for likenesses and to create a portrait with a setting which fits their personality and their life interests. The wood can have a history as in the below portrait of "Nonna" which was rendered on her pasta board which she had used for 65 years. If you have a "Nonna or Bubba or Gramma" that you would like rendered on a pasta board..they are readily available in most antique stores. Or perhaps you have a another piece of wood which would be comparably linked to the subject. For example if your father likes to fish..the painting could be of a specific location with a fisherman and rendered on a piece of wood of type of wood indigenous to the region. I do render portraits from life.


Just Sitting
Media - Watercolor on an old disptacher's bulletin board
Size - 24" X 30"
mensitting on a bench This is a painting that I rendered on an old freighthouse bulletin board. You can see the holes of the tack marks in the original. I chose the subject matter from my own digital photography. I wanted to reflect the old men sitting and talking on benches along the main streets of the Monongahela Valley towns that I drove through to get to my studio in Brownsville, Pa.
The Price - Available in Giclee prints, large framed $550, Small - $300
Media - Watercolor on pasta board
Size - 24" X 30"
This is a portrait of Nonna Septemia Angelelli on her personal pasta board. You can see the soft indentation off the upper right side created by her hand pushing the noodles off the board. She loved raising chickens and planted many crocks of flowers. She came to the United States when she was 39 and passed away at the age of 95. The pasta board was 65 years old at the time I finished the painting.
The Price for a comparable painting commission Like Nonna - $1500
Miss Parmalee
Media - Watercolor on wood
Size - 28" X 30"
Miss Parmalee This is a portrait of Virginia Parmalee. She was also in her 90's when she passed away. A dear friend of hers commissioned me to render her portrait on wood. She was the first woman in the 30's to receive her Masters Degree from Harvard. The quilt reflects her life. Each patch has an image that portrays an important personal milestone of hers.
The Price for a comparable painting commission Like Miss Parmalee - $1500