Life Scarf Example

This is an example of a custom "Life Scarf" that is created especially for an individual. When it is planned to be a gift for someone, I ask the giver to provide me with pertinent information about the recipient of the scarf (favorite color, hobbies, family, etc.). The video of this particular scarf does not show the truly beautiful radiant colors and hues which are sapphire blue, kelly green and turquoise. The recipient is Irish, loves the color green, adores Bruce Springstien, has three sons involved in the sports of swimming, basketball and volleyball. As you view the video, try to pick out the swimmer, the basketball player, the volleyball player, the letters USA, a book (she loves to read) and shamrocks. The scarf is 11" x 60" and is meant to be worn as a long neck scarf.

Please do view the video and then if you have any questions, just click on "How to Order" and submit a question, email or call Lynn.


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